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The Foundation

The Kurikindi Foundation is a dual-purpose project, which aims to broaden the everyday access to authentic shamanic training worldwide, protect the Amazon rainforest and its people.

The goals are to create Holistic Centres in the UK and the Ecuadorian Amazon, to teach ancient shamanic ways and to create a Rehabilitation Centre, which will help indigenous Amazonians to overcome addiction.


The Shamanic Centre is an spiritual facility, open to people from all around the world, to learn about traditional shamanic knowledge and wisdom.

lt also provides a holistic platform to faciltate meaningful interaction between students and the indigenous people at the Rehabilitation Centre.
The teachings will be in the form of seminars, courses, workshops, one-to-one sessions and shamanic ceremonies both in and out of the rainforest.

One of the objectives of the Shamanic Centre is to raise funds to cover the cost of treatment at the Rehabilitation Centre for the tribes’ people.


Many Indigenous tribes in the Amazon, in this case Ecuador, are failing in their ancestral duties to protect the rainforest. The modern world is advancing faster than they can evolve to meet it, thus causing their rapid exposure to unfamiliar lifestyles and substance abuse with little or no preparation.

The purpose of the Rehabilitation Centre is to treat addiction and to teach both young and old new skills to prevent relapses and to restore their health, self-respect and dignity. 

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