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Sparkling Violetear hummingbird
Capped heron
Hoatzin bird
White-throated toucan
Heading home
Blowpipe hunting
Woolley monkey
A curious squirrel monkey
Dusky Titi Monkey
Ocelot stalking Dillon(photographer)
Margay cat
Colorfull lizard
Tadpole gathering
Is it a frog? Is it a leaf?
Baby anaconda
Bioluminescent mushrooms
Red bean pod with blue seeds
Harmonious living
Golden chrysalis
Amazing Nature
Coiled millipede
Scarlet macaw feathers
Art in Nature
Butterfly mud-puddling
Winged grasshopper
Beautiful tarantula
Standing firm
Rain forest reflection in river
Cutting papaya in the rain forest
Preparing Ayahuaska
Kurikindi clearing the pathway
Two hovering hummingbirds
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