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When I heard that Kurikindi was to be visiting close to where I live and offering the chance to partake in a traditional shamanic

tobacco ceremony with him, I immediately knew that this was too good an opportunity to miss. I was not disapointed.

It is not every day you are lucky enough to meet someone with such providence. 

Anyone lucky enough to meet with Kurikindi will receive far more than traditional shamanic healing or ceremony.  Kurikindi is an authentic, genuine Master Shaman who is an expert in his field..... I feel deeply honoured and privileged to have experienced a tobacco ceremony and 1:1 healing with Kurikindi, and I look forward to continue working with him in the future. 

Georgina - Kent

Kurikindi is a very charismatic teacher who blends the ancient skills of many generations of Shamans with an understanding of the Western culture and he has led us into a powerful journey within ourselves through ritual, singing, and whistling.

This is beautiful healing process that I warmly recommend.

Fabien - Scotland

I came to the workshop seeking a deeper understanding of Amazonian Shamanic practices, teachings and to deepen my connection with Pacha Mama. Kurikindi is a ​most ​gifted teacher, everything he shares is authentic and from the heart.​

T​hrough his compassionate and loving sharing and invitation to step into sacred space I discovered ​and physically experienced my personal inner strength ​for the very first time and deepened my connection to the Divine, to my life purpose, to my fellow man, to Pacha Mama and all life. Kurikindi's workshop was the most transformative experience and time of my life and I w​ill be studying with him again​. Thank you Kurikindi.

Constance - USA

The training and healing sessions I have received from Kurikindi have transformed my life. He hold so much perception and wisdom, he sees with such clarity what needs to be said and done in every moment, his heart-based practice is so powerful and yet so sensitive.

I feel so blessed that he has come into my life.

Tom - London

Kurikindi, with his wonderful family, joined our group of indigenous partners at our learning retreat and also opened our public events aimed at a diverse audience of several hundred people where we shared our network’s 'Stories of Solidarity and Resilience'. He offers a vibrant and authentic presence in all he does. He has a rare skill in facilitating powerful ceremony to connect one and all, regardless of cultural backgrounds. He also provided our group with spiritual guidance and fortification in our service to Mother Earth.

Nick - London

Here is a selection of comments from people Kurikindi has worked with. 

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