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Hello, I am Kurikindi

My name is Kurikindi and I come from the rainforests of Ecuador. I was born to a family, from a long lineage of shamans.  I was identified as having 'the gift' as a child.

This is a big responsibility and my training in the arts and knowledge of shamanism began immediately. I would sit with elders and grandfathers meditating and preparing and drinking plant medicines. From this early age my emotional strength and physical endurance were tested constantly.


Even prior to this challenging training, I had already been present in many shamanic ceremonies, absorbing everything I could.  It felt totally natural.


This hummingbird appeared in a vision during a shamanic ceremony in Ecuador. The image was to represent the Kurikindi Foundation.

The message was strong and clear - even during rapid movement it is possible to maintain stillness and intense focus.

The shamanic path is a challenging and never-ending process of discovery.


After more than 40 years of shamanic life, I continue to learn and to grow every day and feel able to share this knowledge by teaching.


In the rainforest, we do not believe you can simply ‘learn to become’ a shaman. It is essential that you are born with the natural gift.  Firstly, you must discover this gift within yourself, learn to trust it, train intensively and only then, begin to practise it.


My journey has taken me thorough many ups and downs in life.  I now see that my shamanic path, however meandering, has always taken me in this direction - to teach and to share what I know. I feel humbled and honoured to be able to meet people from other lands and to learn from their experiences too.


I find many contradictions in the ways we all live. It is sometimes puzzling to understand why we choose our individual paths.


However, regardless of which path you follow, there are lessons to be learned. One of the most difficult tasks is in taking responsibility for the cause and effects of our actions. We are each a part of a global community, where environmental sustainability and energetic equilibrium are of huge importance at this time.


We are not separate from the Earth. I am compelled daily, to work to protect the planet and to constantly seek ways of creating greater harmony and balance of all life.

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